All of us have had to make some significant life adjustments in these past few weeks, but small businesses are amongst those that have been hit the hardest. With most having to close their doors, many owners are faced with uncertainties regarding how they’ll keep paying their rent, payroll, and personal expenses.

However, many small business owners are finding ways to rise above the challenges. They have to figure out the most contactless way of doing business. Businesses like Restaurants, Pizzerias, Coffee Bars, small retailer Shops are adapting and offer deliveries and curb-side pick-ups. Social media is still the best way of maintaining communication with their customers during this time. Share the Menus and plans with your audience and the community. The word spreads fast. ! Although you always preferred face-to-face interaction and have built my business on personal connection online marketing and social media is now the best way to get your information and offerings to everyone.

While many cafes and restaurants are switching to take-out and delivery, other industries may have a harder time figuring out alternative ways to keep going. Businesses like Fitness Studios were going to have to close eventually. But despite the current situation a creative idea can help you keep the business alive and be able to pay your bills. Like the owners of Wheelhouse Cycle Club, decided to rent out all of their bikes and delivered to everyone’s houses. Now they are doing live rides on Instagram and saving them so people can view them on demand. There is a lot of potential with the at-home bike. There are some people who are renting their bikes who haven’t been able to come to Wheelhouse because they have young kids or just have other commitments that make it hard to get to group fitness classes on a schedule, but this allows them to do it whenever they want.

This way you will find social media to be a critical tool in maintaining business. On the other hand iIt can be also tricky when so much of this is unknown. Despite uncertainty, many entrepreneurs are finding positivity in the situation.

When asked what they would say to other entrepreneurs and small business owners, all four interviewees only had words of encouragement and mutual support.

The nice part for entrepreneurs is knowing everyone is in the same boat. It’s not like there’s anyone else that has an advantage or something else that puts you further behind. We’re all in this together and we’re all just trying to figure it out.

This is a time for all of us to reevaluate many things, how we live our personal lives as well as how we conduct our businesses. Artists, makers, and small businesses have to get creative in terms of how we get things done, and also in how we support each other in these times.

While all entrepreneurs are facing challenges in the midst of COVID, all will find that their communities are behind them, and with a bit of out-of-the-box thinking, many businesses are poised to make it through this difficult season. Sometimes even with unexpected growth into new areas and initiatives that they’ll continue once it’s all over.