Social Marketing is a white-label social media tool, that allows you to manage your social accounts in a scalable way. It will help you to build fans, find customers, and engage with the community.

Why Social Media

As individuals, it’s easy to understand why we’re so obsessed with social media. It helps us to stay in touch with friends, keep up with current events and news, it fills our spare time, allows us to network, be entertained, and it gives us the ability to share parts of our lives. Social media use comes down to a simple basic desire: the need to connect with others.

Why Social Media for Businesses

But what about businesses? If you aren’t taking advantage of social, you’re missing out on a fast and effective way to reach a huge audience. Here are the many ways in which social media can help your business connect, engage, and grow:

  • Increase Brand Awareness – Think that users only connect with brands they know and love? Over 50% of people say they use social media to research and discover new products! With the average person spending over two hours per day on social networks, there are a lot of opportunities for your business to be found.
  • Humanize the Brand – In order to connect with potential customers, you need to show the human side of your brand. Social networking allows businesses to create real human connections.
  • Stay Top of Mind – Social media is powerful in keeping businesses top of mind with consumers. Every time a user logs in or opens an app it is an opportunity for you to connect. When making a purchase, recent social media posts can help consumers with their decision.
  • Increase Website Traffic – The power of social media doesn’t stop on the networks. Sharing great content from your blog to social channels can increase readership. Additionally, posts and updates can lead users to the website through a link.
  • Customer Service and Support – Finally, social media can be an excellent customer service and support tool. It allows users to ask questions in real-time through a variety of channels that were previously not available. Businesses can respond instantly and deal with any comments, queries, or concerns. These responses can be more personal and unique to the individual or situation.

Defining a Target Social Audience

Why is it important to define your target social audience? First, It ensures you’re creating the right content for the right people. Second, it helps you to better understand how to create content that actually connects and benefits readers. Finally, and probably the most exciting reason, it helps to increase conversions.

By following these steps you can easily define your audience:

  • Look at the current customer base
  • Analyze the product or service
  • Check out the competition
  • Choose specific demographics

It’s important to note that there are many assumptions we can make that have the potential to damage the effectiveness of the target social audience. Avoid thinking that the social audience is just like you. The audience may have similarities, but they’re not necessarily the same person. Take your time to make sure you are developing the right audience for your business.