Do customers like your businesses? Are they telling other people about your business on social media or across various review platforms? The goal is to have answered yes to both of those questions. If you didn’t—no worries—you’re in the right place to learn more about gathering customer feedback.

Not only do positive reviews help build trust with consumers, but the same study shows mobile searches for “best” have grown over 80% in the past 2 years, which means business reviews with “best” included may show up higher in search rankings.

How to collect more customer feedback

People tend to leave reviews when they’ve had an awful experience at a business. It’s the positive voices that go unnoticed, because they’re not motivated to share. Unless consumers are reminded or nudged by a business to take the time to review their business, they probably won’t. In fact, 70% of consumers will leave a review if asked. The reality is that consumers are more likely to leave a great review for a business when two things happen:

– They receive great customer service

– They were asked to leave a review

1) Ask – In Person 

It’s simple but effective. When customers are asked personally to leave reviews, it often leads to more reviews, as opposed to asking via email.

Ask, don’t beg. Asking for reviews in person is not a bad thing, nor does it appear as desperate. Local businesses work hard to acquire customers and even harder to establish great relationships with those customers. Utilize the great relationships that your business has formed, and ask for reviews from those individuals.

2) Email Marketing

Email is always going to be one of the most efficient ways for companies to communicate with their customers. Consumers have even stated that they like receiving promotional emails from establishments they have done business with. Tacking on an email signature asking for a review is a simple and non-invasive way to ask for customer feedback.

3) Text Message Marketing

Everyone has a phone, and it is likely that people are looking at their phone often enough that they’ll see text message marketing from their favorite brands and businesses.

Above all, make it simple for customers

Customers are not going to leave a review if it takes them a lot of time or if it is difficult to understand how to leave a review. Loyalty exists and people care about businesses, but not many will leave a positive review on their own. Remember, if you ask and provide a way to leave a review, 70% of customers will!

Make it simple for customers to leave reviews. We have the tools!