Small businesses are built on the capacity for personal interaction and relationship-building between owners and their customers. When that’s no longer possible in the traditional sense, small businesses essentially lose the one superpower that enabled them to survive under the threat of Big Business.

But there is good news. Perhaps now more than ever, many customers do want to continue to support their favorite local shops and the small business owners that they’ve come to know and love.

Whatever stage you’re at in the digital evolution, or however behind you may feel, know that you can still catch up and find yourself thriving online.

Before you begin

First, ask yourself these questions:

What’s your inventory situation? What kinds of products do you sell? How have things changed with COVID-19 – are you taking credit cards over the phone? How are you wanting to sell, local delivery, Pick-up only?

It may be best to start with about five products or services. Putting an entire inventory up at once can be very overwhelming, and managing the listings, sales, and fulfillment can feel like a lot for an online newbie.

Once you’ve chosen the products or services you want to focus on, find or generate pictures, pricing, and a description of each.

Note any important attributes or variations in your products (e.g., dimensions, various sizes, colors).

Setting up your website

Once you get all the first steps done, it’s time to set up your website. Here the first steps:

  1. Choose the name of your website.
  2. Choose the host and the platform
  3. Create the Homepage
  4. Move on to other pages, upload images, create your online store etc.

There are a lot of possibilities to setup a website. If you don’t know where to start, we can help!