The concept, that is called the influence generator, is when businesses pour love out into the world, only for people (read customers) to receive and reciprocate.

It’s about doing good things at scale for people through small gestures by showing them how much you care about them and by telling them how much they mean to you.

Not only does such an approach spread happiness and positivity all around, but it also helps you create intrinsic value, connect with more people, and eventually grow your business.

Show gratitude through recommendations

One of the best ways for businesses to show gratitude, and be professional at the same time, is to leave people glowing recommendations on their LinkedIn profiles and business pages. A great way to build authority in the market is for you to leave good recommendations for your competitors as well. It’s imperative that you don’t have a small-minded approach when dealing with competition. Remember, the more good you spread, the more it will come back to you one way or the other.

Show gratitude through good reviews

Saying thank you is a very powerful tool. Businesses should say thank you to their customers almost every day, since it puts both parties in the right mindset to grow.

While Google reviews are the most important when it comes to improving a brand’s visibility, leaving positive reviews is not limited to just one platform. Depending on the type of business you serve, there are plenty of other mediums to leave reviews and build brand equity.

Show gratitude through benevolence

The aim, under this strategy, is to demonstrate gratitude towards your customers by giving them a gift card or something similar not only from your business, but consider also giving any from one of the other local businesses.

It’s about killing two birds with one stone. In this case you’re doing good for multiple businesses, while building authority for yourself at the same time.

Show gratitude through personalized gifts

Sending customers thoughtful and personalized gifts is a great way through which your business can demonstrate gratitude. The personalization effect is what makes the whole strategy special and helps you stay relevant even at times when things might look gloomy.

The key here is to make your gift as authentic and memorable as possible in order to create a long-lasting, emotional connection. Leaving a personalized gift note is an effective way to be relevant, while at the same time show appreciation by making the other person smile.

Once you’ve sent the gift, more often than not the recipient will tell others about the gesture, which will in turn empower your business to generate influence. Furthermore, such a strategy will showcase that you care about your clients and will help you build your brand value.


When it comes to making an everlasting impact, nothing can supersede the power of saying thank you. If you follow this principle and demonstrate gratitude towards your customers 100 times a day, needless to say, it will do wonders for you and your business.