If you sell online, the strategies for driving traffic to your online store can be different to the usual Marketing strategies. You have to drive traffic to your website, but also integrate marketing between your online store and your offline businesses to make the most of all your channels.

Study your competitors

Identify your top five competitors and research their marketing strategies. Such as which social media platforms they use, if they partnering with influencers and how are they promoting their company. The best way to do that is signing up to their mailing list and check out how their emails are structured. Differentiate your messaging to stand out and find niches that they don’t use and take it to your advantage.

Use Instagram and Pinterest

The best social media platforms to promote your online store are Instagram and Pinterest. You can post beautiful photos or useful videos of your products with outstanding descriptions and link them directly to your online shop. Use relevant hashtags, host product giveaways that encourage your followers to tag their followers and partner with Instagram influencers. In addition, write blogs or articles to educate potential customers on who you are and what your store is all about. You don’t have to be everywhere. Make sure you have a presence on the channels that are appropriate for your target customer and put your energy there.

Send Email Blasts

Email marketing is the best way to communicate your products and foster loyal customers. To grow your email list, invite your social media followers to sign up by offering a discount code for new subscribers or referral discount to encourage your existing customers to share your site with friends and family. Send emails on a regular basis with useful information and content, how to contact customer service, how to place an order or upcoming sales and new product launches. Make sure you are keeping a steady flow of communication with all your contacts.

Run Paid Ads

If you are looking to boost your brand, investing in advertising is the most effective way. Paid ads on social media can capture people’s attention while they are scrolling through their News Feeds. You can use photos and videos in your ads, but start small. A photo ad can be a great way to get your product in front of new people. Try simple, engaging imagery of your product in use and adjust your tactics based on how well it performs in the first couple of weeks.

You can also run a Google Adwards campaign that will push your online store to the top of searches. Search engine marketing is a great way to advertise your website because it doesn’t require any design and can be very effective in driving new traffic. You’ll get results in real time and can adjust your campaign strategies based on performance as you go.

Launch Promotions

Everybody loves a Sale. Run a promotion from time to time. Best way is to tie it into holidays or seasonal events. Don’t run your Sales events too often or they won’t be special anymore.


There are many ways to use marketing to promote your business; however, which strategies you should employ will depend on your business and your goals. Stay consistent, be patient, and don’t get overwhelmed by doing too much at once. Choose a few of the marketing tactics, that you think will bring the most reward for your business, to begin with. Then, tweak and adjust as you start to see results.