When you started building your business social pages, you likely had a number of goals in mind. Maybe you wanted to increase brand awareness, earn referrals or convert sales. But one thing you definitely didn’t hope for was losing followers on social media.

It’s unrealistic to think each social media post will be a viral sensation. You can’t please everyone! But if you’re consistently losing followers or if you’re simply not seeing the engagement you’d like to see, you may need to step back and look for areas of improvement.

  1. Facebook

If a user doesn’t like your content, they can “unlike” your page and they won’t see any of your brand’s posts anymore, unless they are sponsored posts. But social media platforms have ways users can disengage with your content. Your content can be snoozed, hidden, or unfollowed altogether.

There’s another option as well that can hurt your page beyond losing followers on social media. If you manage to offend users, they can report your post and block you entirely. If your page receives enough of these, Facebook will take action.

Reasons why Facebook users unfollow:

  • You’re not sharing well
  • You’re not being social
  • You don’t have the right followers
  1. Twitter

Twitter users have several options for controlling what appears on their timeline. For example, they can unfollow you entirely, mute you so your tweets don’t appear in their timeline or report or block you. They can also now select that your content is something they are not interested in. When they do that, they are telling Twitter to change their experience, so they see less content from you.

Reasons why Twitter users unfollow:

  • You’re abusing the Retweet
  • You’re using the follow/unfollow strategy
  • You keep changing your profile photo
  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn users have two options. They can unfollow you (which keeps your business connection) or they can report your post. LinkedIn encourage sharing more than unfollowing by providing several ways to do so.

Reasons why LinkedIn users unfollow:

  • You’re sharing personal content on a professional network
  • Your photo is missing
  1. Instagram

Instagram users have lots of options and control. At the top account level, they can restrict, block, or report your account.

Reasons why Instagram users unfollow:

  • You post inconsistently
  • You’re clogging their feed

Stop losing followers on social media

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