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Customized media campaigns both local and national

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Harness the Power of Offline Advertising. Using local market research and experience TRI Fusion Marketing can guide you in making effective and informed decisions about where to place your offline marketing. Often a media buyer does not cost the business additional funds if they are already buying media. In many cases we are able to work with your existing budget and make it more effective returning better results.

Direct Mail

Mailing Lists and Everydoor Direct Mail Programs Available

Target Mailing Advertising

Targeted mailing lists based on demographics, geographic and lifestyle choices. Looking for a more targeted geographic approach try Every Door Direct Mail where you can mail oversize postcards for starting at 25 cents per piece including printing cost! Customized Postcard campaigns have a high response rate, flexibility (mail at your own pace), full color oversize cards, professional graphic design and post office delivery.

Public Relations

Professionally written, local and national distributed

Professional Press Releases

Sending the right messages out about your business and managing your reputation is an important part of a business’ marketing strategy. Public Relations can be a key component of controlling what information is posted about your business on the internet. It is important to get all the good things your business does out there not only for the positive press that you could receive as a result but maintain your reputation on the internet.

Events and Promotions

In-store | Sweetpstakes | Ticket Events | Fundraisers

Traffic Driving Events amd Promotions

Live events and in-store promotions can be very successful traffic and revenue driving opportunities. TRI Fusion Marketing can help you organize, plan and execute many different types of promotions. A successful promotion has many factors that need to be considered before it can be called successful; profitability, exposure, community impact and customer experience to name a few.

Media Mix

Harness the Power of Offline Advertising

Let us guide you towards effective and informed decisions about where to place your offline marketing. Did you know? Hiring a Media Buyers do not always cost you any additional marketing dollars if you are already buying TV and Radio advertising. In many cases we are able to work with your existing budget and make it more effective returning better results.

TV advertising still remains as the most powerful medium to advertise on. It is the only media that utilizes color, sound, site, motion and emotion to deliver the message. Nielsen studies show that Americans are watching more TV now than ever before. However, it can be difficult for a local business owner to navigate the very clutter ad environment and find a TV campaign that works. TRI Fusion Marketing has over 15 years experience in the helping local business owners navigate local TV advertising. TV is the most powerful way to brand any business. Why do McDonald’s and Coca Cola advertise on TV? Not because consumers don’t know who they are but because they know the power of how the consistent messaging and branding drive people to those products. Top of mind advertising will always be most effective in a long-term marketing plan.

Advertising on the radio allows a business owner to demographically target their core customer in a geographic area or market. Once a business owner identifies their demographic and matches it up with a station that reaches that demographic results can be effective. TRI Fusion Marketing can help you identify your core demographic and how to target that demographic in with a radio campaign and what are the best times for your commercial to air on that station.
Newspapers, magazines and other print publications are available and can be costly, but again if targeted correctly can be effective. Consistent print adverting over time can produce results. Print can also be measured by coupons and other calls to action. TRI Fusion Marketing can determine what ad sizes will be most effective for your business to gain the best value for your advertising dollar in any print publication.
Direct mail is another targeted approach to marketing. Lists based on demographic, geographic and lifestyle can be obtained for customer marketing use. Additionally, the post office offers a geographic targeting campaign called Every Door Direct Mail. EDDM is very successful for local businesses wanting to target in their backyard.

Americans Spend 11+ Hours a Day With Electronic Media

4:51 Hours Watching Live TV 40%
2:43 Hours Listening to Radio 30%
1:25 Hours Spent on a Smart Phone 11%
33 Minutes Watching Timeshifted TV 3%
29 Minutes On Other Devices 3%

Source: Average time American Adults 18+ spent with electronic media in Q4 (hours:minutes)

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